Leon Overweel

Stop Freebooting Now

Freebooting is taking a creator's original online media — videos, music, art, web comics, etc. — and rehosting it on your own website or social media account. Stop Freebooting Now was a project to educate consumers about freebooting and to document and publicize cases thereof.

The website covers what freebooting is, and what you can do about it: when you spot a case of freebooting, you can file a report, which Stop Freebooting Now then verifies and posts on the “Wall of Shame.”

The homepage for Stop Freebooting Now.

The homepage for Stop Freebooting Now.

Additionally, the reported case is tweeted out on @stopfreebooting, where followers’ retweets call attention to the case and the person caught freebooting, hopefully to the point that the content is taken down and/ or the original creator is compensated.

The project is written in Python and runs on Google App Engine, and was inspired by Brady Haran and CGP Grey‘s Hello Internet podcast, where the former coined the term “freebooting.”