Leon Overweel


FCCYSF stands for Free Creative Commons YouTube Stock Footage, and it's a project to provide low-budget film makers with exactly that: high quality, royalty-free public domain footage to use in their projects.

The channel currently features over 250 pieces of stock footage and has 850+ subscribers and 270,000+ total views. Click here for a reel of some featured stock footage from FCCYSF contributors.


These are the people who make FCCYSF happen by contributing some of their footage to the project, for free. Please check them out.

  • Anna Eva Kotyza
  • Leon Overweel
  • Alejandro Pinero

As you can see, the project has two sides: both footage users and footage contributors can benefit. Here's how it works:

FCCYSF for Footage Users

  1. Go to the FCCSYF channel, and look through the footage through the search bar, the playlists of similar videos, and/ or the videos tab.
  2. Use a YouTube downloader (either installed or online) to download the footage.
  3. Use the footage for your video project, and give the original creator a shoutout or credit (and link to the FCCYSF channel if you're in a really good mood).
  4. We love hearing about what you do with our footage! You can email videos you've made using FCCYSF footage to fccysf@gmail.com, and they might be featured on the twitter account.

FCCYSF for Footage Contributors<

  1. You contribute high quality stock footage (spare footage dusting up on your hard drive, or files you specifically go out to shoot).
  2. The footage enters the public domain, under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.
  3. Your videos are published to 250+ subscribers and are automatically pushed to Twitter, Facebook and reddit feeds.
  4. Advertisements are run alongside the footage you contribute, and you get 70% of the profit FCCYSF makes there.
  5. Your name and links appear in the descriptions of all videos you contribute, on the channel, and on this page.
  6. To get started, email fccysf@gmail.com.