Leon Overweel

Hi, I'm Leon! I'm a machine learning engineer at Dexter Energy, working on forecasting renewable (solar/wind) electricity generation. Previously I was at Plumerai, researching binarized neural networks and working on Larq. Before that, I studied computer science at TU Delft (BSc) and artificial intelligence at the University of Edinburgh (MSc).

Use the links below to contact me in English or Dutch, or check out the rest of this site for my current projects, past projects, skills, and photography.


Current Projects ✨

Here's what I'm working on, mostly in the form of side projects.

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Past Projects ⏳

These are some projects I've done in the past, that are either finished or no longer active. There are 1 projects, which broadly fall into categories like Web, Robot, Machine learning, Video, Hackathon, and Rowing.

  • HackDelft
    I co-founded and organized the first edition of HackDelft, TU Delft's hackathon.
  • Dutch Hackathon List
    Collaboratively building the most comprehensive list of annual hackathons in the Netherlands at hackathonlist.nl
  • Hack the North
    Inspired by Twitch Plays Pokemon, my team and I created a little robot car that multiple people could drive around the room with their phones.
  • World Port Hackathon
    My team 'De Delftse Delegatie' got first place with a prototype for a blockchain-based app to help customs agencies detect smuggling in freight containers.
  • OpenDC
    OpenDC is an open-source datacenter simulator which I helped build for @Large Research.
  • Intersect.Ninja
    Intersect.Ninja was an open source website that used the Spotify API to find intersections in the artists and tracks different people like, based on their public playlists.
  • Assembly Game For TI1406 lab, I made an Assembly game much like Arc Spin, along with a few other cool projects.
  • Arc Spin
    Arc Spin is a desktop and mobile browser game in which you avoid spinning obstacles and try to score as many points as you can.
  • Link Syncer
    Link Syncer was a service to create quick links that will wait to redirect until everyone has clicked the Synced Link.
  • Rye High Jinx
    What happens when a student and a teacher switch bodies? The 2015 Rye High School senior movie, of course!
  • Mugsy Website
    For my Rye High School senior year internship, I worked with Sean Reilly of Mugsy to build him a new company website.
  • Reddit Weekly
    Reddit Weekly was a site that sent customizable, weekly email digests of top posts from subreddits.
  • Stop Freebooting Now
    Stop Freebooting Now was a tool to help freebooting victims retaliate by documenting and calling out websites and social media pages that steal online creators' original content.
  • Wykki
    Wykki uses data from Freebase to answer natural language questions, and learns how to answer new question types over time.
  • TU Delft Internship
    GUI for TU Delft's 3mxl motor board that allows users to graphically edit motor parameters and share defaults across devices using XML files.
  • Science Olympiad Robot
    For the Robot Arm challenge of our local Science Olympiad, my friend and I built an arm featuring four controllable DOMs.
  • Painters on Location
    A 2013 Rye Arts Center event for which I made a promo video.
  • Lumia Rig
    A remote-controlled LEGO Mindstorms NXT pan and tilt rig for the camera on my phone.
  • Flyer Robot
    For our annual Science Research symposium, I built a demo robot arm to hand out flyers to the audience.
  • AP World Greatest Hits
    AP World Greatest Hits was the final project my friends and I made for our AP World class in high school. It has over 43,000 views on YouTube.
    Free Creative Commons YouTuve Stock Footage (FCCYSF) was my multi-year project to provide high quality stock footage to low budget filmmakers, for free.
  • PriNXT
    PriNXT was a LEGO Mindstorms NXT plotter robot that can 'print' low-resolution images onto a sheet of paper.
  • Skype Car
    Skype Car was a little robotic car that hundreds of people around the world drove around my room via the web while watching a live video feed of it through Skype.
  • Bionic NXTPod 3.0
    Inspired by Festo's Bionic Tripod 3.0, this LEGO Mindstorms NXT robot used four linear actuators to position a grabber on a flexible robot arm.

Skills 🛠

Here are some of the things I have experience with. Each category is sorted by how many projects I've used the skill for, and each skill links to related projects.

Programming languages: Python (15) CSS (8) HTML (8) JavaScript (6) RobotC (4) Assembly (1) C++ (1) Java (1)

Technical tools: Git (11) GitHub (11) Google App Engine (8) LEGO Mindstorms (2) Arduino (1) Blockchain (1) Firebase (1) Flask (1) GitHub Pages (1) Qt (1) Robot Operating System (1)

Machine learning packages: NumPy (6) Matplotlib (5) PyTorch (3) Plotly (1) SciPy (1)

Machine learning models: Convolutional Neural Network (2) Deep Q Network (2) Long Short Term Memory (2)

Web APIs: Reddit (1) Spotify (1)

Creative + video skills: Cinematography (4) Directing (3) Editing (3) Vegas Pro (3) Event Planning (2) Producing (1)

Photography 📸

These are some of my favorite photo's I've taken over the years, mostly on family vacations with my Canon EOS 60D digital SLR.

You can see more of my photos on my Unsplash profile.