Leon Overweel


Over the summer of 2016, I worked together with Jorgos Andreadis and Matthijs Bijman at @Large Research to build OpenDC, an open-source datacenter simulator available online and on GitHub. We've used the simulator to teach students about the inner operations of datacenters as a part of undergraduate-level computer science courses at TU Delft, VU Amsterdam and Restart.Network, and OpenDC has been used to publish papers by researchers in our group.

I was product lead on the project over the summer, which involved things like sprint planning, conference presentations, and roadmap management. On the engineering side, I was responsible for the database, OpenAPI design, and web server components. The web server is also available as a separate repository on GitHub.

From mid-2017 onward, my post-product lead role centered around the Cloud Availability Study, to automatically collect uptime and crash data about major cloud services providers for use in the OpenDC simulator. As of mid-2018, I've now left the research group to pursure my MSc in Artificial Intelligence in Edinburgh, but the study is still running.